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To say that the last couple years of my life have not been my favorite is an understatement. It was the best of times (but not really). It was the worst of times. I lost 2 jobs, made a half-ass (at best) attempt at starting my own business…and failed—obvi. And faced some rather interesting health challenges like vertigo, Bell’s palsy (still recovering) and…kidney stones (that went misdiagnosed for several weeks) #goodtimes. Felt like I was living the dream…one nightmare at a time.

 There were definitely dark days filled with anxiety and fear. Days I begged for a do-over. Days I felt so hopeless I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was scared and humiliated and didn’t want anyone to know, so I hid. I played small…or i didn’t play at all. I stopped showing up, scared AF that my best days were behind me, because in the grand scheme of things, I’d already been dealt a pretty amazing hand…back in the day and all.

 I wish i could pin point the exact turning point. But looking back, as lonely and hopeless as i felt, i can see now I was never alone. Always surrounded by angels. Friends who picked me up when i was down. People who fed me when i couldn’t make it to the grocery store. A boss who reminded me of my worth. And so many friends who offered a safe place to land when I needed it most.  It was in my despair and defeat that I was guided the most.

While the last two years didn’t go as planned, they were not a waste. I became crystal Clear about what I do and don’t want in life. what I’ willing and not to tolerate in a job, in relationships, but most of all, my health is priority numero uno. It’s hard to lead a revolution when you feel like ?!

Two years ago, I was waiting for the perfect time to start my “Once Upon a Time” and living my fairy tale life that I’d been aspiring toward since I was a kid. The launch was set…photo shoots completed…blog posts drafted and then…it all went to shit. And I waited for the next perfect moment which never came.

Because there is no perfect moment to start. Something will always come up. So here’s the skinny—Once upon a Time is right now. Life is so precious and short and it’s messy and pure bliss at the same time. And this is the only moment we’re guaranteed. I believe life can be as dreamy and magical as a fairy tale—yep, even the Disney version if that’s what you want (and let’s face it…who doesn’t??). The catch is it’s up to us to create it—To dream it. To take inspired action to get there. And sometimes to fight for it. It won’t come easy. Nothing really worthwhile ever does. There will be lots of ups and downs because growth and reprogramming and stepping outside your comfort zone is dangerous and scary and just plain hard.

Wlcome to the beginning of whatever this is going to be. This little adventure could be wildly successful or a complete train wreck (but who doesn’t love a good train wreck). Either way, it will be mine! And as the saying goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So here it goes…stick around and see what happens!

Once Upon a time…